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Keep that momentum turned way, WAY up.

This quarterly subscription is designed to keep each of our Rock It Girls on their path with new ways to maximize the tools learned in our Rock It Girls 101 course.

We are packing each quarterly drop with all-new recipes, workouts, and of course those mental strength and mindfulness exercises! Don't miss out on these, girl. They'll help take you right to the top.

Next Level Subscription


billed quarterly

  • Brand-new content
  • Growth Mindset and mindfulness tools.
  • Workout challenges
  • Recipes
    (LOTS of recipes!)
  • Goal setting
  • Confidence, power, and strength!
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Course leadership

ACSM certified trainer, Yoga-Fit instructor, holistic nutritionist and on-air health-performance guru Breeze Kenny will lead your girl through four weeks of pampering and empowering, where she will build important skills for a lifetime. Founder of Rock It Girls, Breeze understands the unique world today's girls are growing up in and she is passionate about bringing an arsenal of powerful living skills her way.


What is included in this subscription? 

This quarterly course is a continuing education, motivation, and wellness program for graduates of our Rock It Girls 101 course. We continue to provide tools for each member on how to take control of their lives through powerful, healthful living.

Each quarter, we pack on 2 weeks of content to keep you motivated, empowered, confident, and CRUSHING those goals.

Highlights include:

  • WORKING OUT: We give you fresh new workouts with each subscription drop - and we even show you how to create your own!

  • YOGA ROUTINES: Your inner yogi on-the-go! We'll show you how to be present at all times and learn how to gain more in less time, even with just one simple pose - in class, at home, or wherever you are. 

  • MINDFULNESS: Grow a stronger mindset and a can-do attitude. Develop resilience and strength of mind like you've never had before.

  • NOURISHMENT: Learn how to completely rely on your nutrients for feeling and thinking well. Continue to practice living a leveled up lifestyle - so you can stay motivated and take on your goals. 

  • VISUALIZATION: Keep your focus on your goals defeating constant life obstacles through regular motivation and goal-setting exercises.

What people are saying:

Rock It Girls is spot with the way it relates and markets to young girls.  I’m so beyond thankful we have it to set our girls up for a lifetime of success.

Lisa T

I can’t recommend this enough! We live healthy lifestyles but my daughter doesn’t listen to me the way she does Breeze! Girls just absolutely LOVE HER!

Nichole M.

The principles are simplified for girls and marketed in a trendy way making the program work very well!

Janet W.

Soar even higher!

After you've slayed our Rock It Girls 101 course, it's never too soon to join our quarterly subscription.

Stay on this path of reaching higher and doing more than you've ever thought you could do. I've got you, girl.


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