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Rock It Girls is designed especially for girls ages 8-18 who want to level up their lives and ROCK every. single. day.

Rock It Girls 101

Yes, girl! Get in on our introductory two-week program and join our tribe!

Here we introduce the three Rock It Girl pillars; growth mindset, nutrients, movement and how to apply them all every day.

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Rock It Girls: Next Level Subscription

Already rocked the 101 course? Don’t lose that momentum, girl. Let’s keep this good thing going!

Our Next Level Subscription keeps you leveled up and tackling life like a powerhouse. It’s simple to rock it through our unique quarterly subscription.

This invitation-only program is available to those girls who have completed Rock It Girls 101.

Our Foundations: The Rock It Girl Pillars

Rock It Girls know that the key to building confidence, conquering goals, and making the most of everyday is grounded in these three pillars:


Fueling ourselves with powerhouse nutrients keep our bodies, minds, and futures the best they can be. When you eat well - you think well.


Keeping in motion throughout the day through running, yoga, sports, or however you love to move helps build confidence and strength.

Mental Strength

A strong mind is our best weapon to defeat self doubt and continue to conquer life.

We've been waiting for you, girl!

Welcome to Rock It Girls. We are so glad you're here!
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"My favorite part is how much fun Breeze makes understanding the connection of health and confidence. I’ve never seen my daughter even care what she wears and eats before this program. I highly recommend Rock It Girls for every girl. "

Kayla B

"Thank You Rock It Girls for helping me accomplish my goals and really helping me with my nutrition."

Kate, age 12

"Rock It Girls is spot with the way it relates and markets to young girls. I’m so beyond thankful we have it to set our girls up for a lifetime of success."

Lisa T.

"In a world of so much pressure, we’ve been fortunate to have Rock It Girls for our daughter. Because of Rock It Girls, our girl can not only recognize her self doubt but she turns it around too. "

Rock It Girls Parent

High Five, Girl!

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